The caliber of the HR team is a key determinant – along with culture, leadership, and tools – of the HR function’s effectiveness. What distinguishes winning HR teams today is advanced capability in the areas of information management, analytics and modeling in order to make a compelling business case for human capital decisions.

This capability is scarce – it is not adequately taught in many HR programs and only hinted at in professional certification courses – and therefore commands a premium in the labor market. Further constraints include the reliance on Microsoft Excel for analysis, modeling and reporting and the inability to link human capital information with financial and other business information.


Nelson Touch Consulting provides customized training for individuals and groups in practical human capital analytics.

NTC’s training will involve exposure to statistical concepts, data management techniques, practical human capital analytics, reporting and business case development. The training will open up a whole new analytical capability through the use of appropriate statistical software packages in addition to Excel (e.g., Stata, S-Plus, SPSS, SAS).


Learning offerings include:

  • The Nelson Touch Human Capital Analytics Curriculum
    A specialized and formalized body of knowledge and set of tools that provides educational and technical capability to develop winning human capital solutions. The training enables individuals to command a labor market premium on their new skills.

  • Customized training, based on the client’s specific needs and areas of focus


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