Incentives drive behavior and, therefore, boost results across the enterprise. Incentive compensation must be aligned with the company’s strategy, goals and culture. It must be designed to meet specific business needs; well-calibrated in terms of pay-for-performance; competitive in relation to the market; compatible with other reward schemes; thoughtfully designed to insure against unintended consequences; consistent with governance and regulatory requirements; clearly communicated; well administered; and continually evaluated and improved.


Nelson Touch Consulting designs optimal compensation and benefits plans that support clients' human capital and business strategies.


Incentives offerings include:

  • Compensation Plan Design
    – Cash and Equity
    – Annual and Long-Term
    – Executive, Employee and Sales
    – Awards and Recognition

  • Benefit Plan Design

  • Compensation Committee Support

  • Compensation Risk Management

  • Survey Consulting
    – Employee Surveys
    – Custom Compensation Surveys


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