• Predicting Analytics in Positioned:Strategic Workforce Planning that Gets the Right Person in the Right Job. Dan L. Ward, Rob Tripp and Bill Maki. 2013. Electronic versions of the book are available through Amazon and Google.

    This book gathers some of the most distinguished thought leaders in the field of strategic workforce planning (SWP). In all, 25 articles span the history of SWP, best practices now used in organizations across the globe, new developments in analytics, and future directions expected for the field.

  • Building a Workforce Planning Team, Talent Management Magazine, March 2012 (with Amy Armitage)

    "This article not only provides a thoughtful discussion of the skills and capabilities needed for a SWP team but also discusses where to find these skills externally and how to develop them internally."

    - The Conference Board, Human Capital Review, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2012


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