NTC’s aim is to help drive extraordinary business results through effective human capital management. We recognize that robust solutions require an appreciation of our clients’ business strategy and workforce culture, partnership with our clients’ staff, thoughtful communication, and pragmatic implementation (often through practical technology applications).

We approach all solutions from a strategic perspective and suggest ways in which human capital strategy can play a major role in shaping business strategy, rather than being just a derivative of it. We actively employ insights from the scientific frameworks that underpin strategy - game theory, agency theory and principles of constrained optimization.

We carefully build our recommendations from first principles rather than relying on standard fixes. We incorporate results from proven empirical research - sourced from academia and industry experience - in our work. We apply scientific rigor in the development of our recommendations through a reliance on facts, analysis, modeling and hypothesis testing.

We are serious about improving our clients’ ROI (return on investment) of their human capital. We build credible business cases for our engagements as part of our proposals and offer measurable targets against whose performance our consulting fees are dependent.

We take pride in building internal consulting capability within our clients’ organizations. We are happy to share our novel approaches, tools and experiences in our consulting engagements with a view to strengthening our clients’ own human capital within the HR function. We offer project management services for successful execution.

We are pragmatic in the employment of technology to deliver human capital programs and solutions. We combine our functional expertise in global HR processes and our experience in the selection and implementation of technology solutions to develop custom total reward and performance management applications.


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